Dueling For Dominance

My Beloved… I am absolutely aching for you.

Yes… I am aching… muscles deep inside are contracting and desire to be released by your touch.

It is profound and stirring… I am feeling deeply sexual and I want to take you passionately. Kiss you powerfully and long. I want to feel you quake… As our mouths and tongues duel for dominance yet are both so willing to submit to such a teasing task as dancing and playing the beautiful game they do…

I yearn to hear my name on your lips as your muscles lay hold and cling to me in climax refusing to let me go, and I never ever want to leave.

It is so divine to be Your Man.

I love to be inside of you… my name on your lips is seduction to me. To hear it spoken in the moments of our highest passion entices me to greater love for you, My Lady.

It is my honest truth and heart My Darling… and please know that my heart is yours.

You have stolen it from me and I do not want it back… for I know it is safe in your keeping.



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