Our Tempting Tempest

Only one has captured my heart lover, and stirs my soul… secretly… darkly.

I love you, and you have set fire to my world. I am warmed by the embers and caught by the flames that we embrace…. I desire your kiss, your arms, our heat, our breath in one voice…. and I know that my life will never be the same. This life… this time, is the way it was meant to be. I have found you… here on the other side.

I desire your flesh on mine… in a physical manifestation of our hearts and spirits combined… I miss you, Dear Heart, and want to be reunited…. soon I know… but still I yearn.

Right now I have no other way to express my heart, My Beloved, for you are not here to receive the seductive storm that rages in your absence. That I might sweep you away into myself and that I might catch you as we both fall into the other… each of us not knowing how to or wanting to stop the oncoming of this beautiful and tempting tempest.

My Beloved.

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