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Love Never Dies

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”

Anais Nin

Press Me Hard

Press me hard… I can not be broken… fuck the limits tonight. Make me sweat. Put your mouth on me and taste the wanton salt of my body… test your tongue and split my mind. These hands are starved for your breasts… I must have them beautifully gracing my grasp.

I need to see you wet with desire and flowing in your want of me. I need my fingers pushing slow and strong inside of you… drawing your passion to the edge and pulling it over. I want you quivering uncontrollably… shaking quaking and speechless… both of us awakened… and sacred.

Release yourself like some rabid unquenchable vengeance upon me. May we let our past pains become each other’s pure and present pleasures. Lay waste to me… bring your loving fire… bring your every lusting dream to my personal night.

Savor every thrusting hip… every inch… every lashing tongue. Let our forms be subject in darkness and root… filled full… bring your flesh tight and deep to my own. I will crack this breathing heart, and flay it wide for your spirit to see. In my soul… I see you reflected.


Take Your Pleasure

Take your pleasure from my tongue and do not be tender. Press yourself deep and passionately into my mouth and overwhelm me… drive yourself further into me… Flow freely and fill my throat with your desire… i want it all. May you find my lips a path and guide to climax. I want to make you breathless. I want you crazed and craving more. Slide your hands around my cock as you do my heart and bring life into them both. Coax that pearl and receive it as your own. A gift… gratefully given. Take it from me and give more of yourself to me… I cherish every living drop of you.

Drenched In Dreaming

My Siren… it was a sultry and unsettled sleep and my dreams were drenched in the memory of us together this last night. I love you… May you never tire of hearing it. I hope that my every word, every action, every breath tells you that this is my unsheathed truth… shining sharp. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the depth of what you have come to mean to me. When I tell you that I love you, it is not out of habit or a need to reassure you or myself… it flows from my tongue so easily but never lightly. It falls from my mouth to your ear because it wells to the point of overflowing that it has nowhere else to go. May those words always come to light deep inside of you and in some way strengthen you that we may always in all ways be of one mind, one heart, one spirit… yet remain two sovereign noble savages unique to each other and to a world that could never understand.

To My Beloved



Exhale Your Heart

I desire you… I want my chest at your back.. my mouth at your neck… my right hand sliding under your shirt as my left finds the button on those jeans and slips inside those panties and in between your lips… slick fingers pulling you toward every orgasm.

Yes… ravenously turn to face me when you can take no more, caught between me, my arms, and the counter behind you… attack my mouth… push me to the opposite wall… peel the jeans from my body and claim my cock with nail, finger, hand, lips, tongue, and mouth… take me to the ground right where we are and slide slow over me and down the length of my shaft to fill your waiting desire. giving, taking, and receiving every pouring pleasure.

Slide… slick and slow… breathe… exhale your heart into my spirit… draw me to that edge that I might not die all at once… take me there one breath, one thrust at a time… feel my muscles tightening feel me swelling inside of you… I will give it all in release if you but say my name.

For You, My Beloved

Roadmap of Solitude


S = Silence… Silence is the beginning of the journey. Silencing the noise and voices, and Slow down the mind…

O = Observation… Be Obedient, stay still and Observe everything and watch how I will reposition your life. You will Observe and be able to Testify that you had no Mortal Hand in this repositioning!

L= admit and accept the Loss, now Listen for My voice, and finally find My Love.

I = Honoring my Impulses, Intentions, and Interests… Rediscovering my likes, dislikes, and tastes… Spiritually, Physically, Sexually

T = Tenacious… get in the Trenches, and stay there until you find what you need! Nevermind the blood! Be willing to bleed for your cause… I was. 

U = Understanding… Seek understanding of self and Seek Understanding of Me, and know that Solitude is almost by design meant to be Unsettling. Drive through its Unsettling nature to the heart of My Comfort!

D = Discipline… Don’t make rash Decisions. Find Me in everything and in every moment at all cost, and be Diligent about it! Then I will show you the Desires of your heart. Live the life of your Dreams!

E = Essence… The outcome: The Essence of one’s true and authentic self!




Vicious fierce and primal blossom – You see me like no other has ever known… with razorlike petal and velvet heart… your every word is Laced with Love

To My Beloved

Withered Lips

“On thy wither’d lips and dry, Which like barren furrows lie, Brooding kisses I will pour, Shall thy youthful heart restore. (Such kind showers in autumn fall, And a second spring recall); Nor from thee will ever part, Ancient Person of my Heart.”

John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester


Pain is weakness leaving the body.

US Marines

Die Daily

I will watch myself die daily and be reborn unto flesh at dawn every new morning…