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Tonight I Will Speak

Tonight I will speak of The Baron candidly…

I am…

The Restrained and Unchained Supernova

The Chrome Chameleon and your ever changing reflection

The Strength of every falling tear, filled fierce blooded and cleansing fire

My Pen is my voice, my fang, my claw, and my venomous desire… forged pure and made sharp

The Broken Heart healed and sealed in leather… A dark scar shrouded in lace and steel

The Storm in the void between impulse and reason

Weaving passion into silk to clothe your dreams

A Willful Sprite and Intergalactic Lone Wolf with every hackle raised… and ready with a Knife at my back, Quill and Ink to tell every tale, to embrace my flesh, and drink every drop of life.

In Single Breath Unite

Your fingers find me fierce in a misty moonlit fire light. Blood coursing fast and hard for the other.Your eyes beckon to me and I am compelled to follow… softly whisper my name and call me yours. With a single breath I focus and fall into you… you inhale and hold me in dark stillness unwavering until our minds merge and spirits unite.

My Beloved

Die Daily

I will watch myself die daily and be reborn unto flesh at dawn every new morning…