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Excerpt: Part 2 – Reunited Liberated and Transformed

She reached for him AND  pulled his face into her… His tongue was intuitive and true.

Her mouth was strong and enveloped him in ecstasy… excruciating elegance and terrible torture…. the control of restraint… was an Angelic Agony… It was

The Cumming of communion in the grace of another… it was a flurry of fury and flooding frenzy.

They could not breathe in the drowning of the other…

She was His intoxication complete… She was drunk on consuming him… Their eyes and minds were one and as their mouths met once more, the taste of the other was still richly found in a magical mix and beautiful bouquet it was an explosive implosion and scorching sky. They sank softly and smiling into each others arms… Cherished

You are, My Beloved… Cherished

Sensual Silk (just a lil word play)

Slick Smooth
and Sensual Silk

Poutingly Perfect
and Purely Pleasing

Wet and Wanton

Always Wanting
Always Willing

Teasing Tight
and Tingling

Toward Lusting

Trusting to take
Time to Treasure
and Torture

Tantalizing Tempting
and Torridly Taunting

Writhing Striving
Clutching and
Clinging Muscles
Tightening Straining
and Bursting

In Darkness… Beauty Binds

In Darkness… Beauty Binds

I could not see you… could not hear you… yet I knew you were there…. like some remnant past… a shadow in some former me. When will you come for me. Pray come find me… please lay hold to me when it is time to know me again. Recognize me… Remember

I have had to die once too often… and do not have it in me to do so one more time. May you discover me as I wake from this most recent death. My beloved will you unearth me now? I am here… I have been waiting.

I remember you in mourning shroud as I lay in your arms pierced, bleeding, and fading into darkness… your beauty bound me… our love preserved me that I might rise into some new life, and that we might find each other this one last time… a given gift and one last chance to fight once more and know victory by each others side…

Grieve me not again… Softly sorrowless come find me. I have been waiting lifetimes… please remember me if our paths should cross.

Every step and misstep lead us here to a time that was right and a place that we could never have foreseen. The most simple hello and greeting changed everything.

Upon meeting, your eyes fell upon me and rediscovered every past beat of my heart in a single moment and remembered.

My spirit exhaled, fell silent, and came to rest in the full memory of lost love reclaimed.

May we never fall away again.

How in two so pained lies the beauty of love reborn and found once more.

To My Beloved

Drenched In Dreaming

My Siren… it was a sultry and unsettled sleep and my dreams were drenched in the memory of us together this last night. I love you… May you never tire of hearing it. I hope that my every word, every action, every breath tells you that this is my unsheathed truth… shining sharp. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the depth of what you have come to mean to me. When I tell you that I love you, it is not out of habit or a need to reassure you or myself… it flows from my tongue so easily but never lightly. It falls from my mouth to your ear because it wells to the point of overflowing that it has nowhere else to go. May those words always come to light deep inside of you and in some way strengthen you that we may always in all ways be of one mind, one heart, one spirit… yet remain two sovereign noble savages unique to each other and to a world that could never understand.

To My Beloved



Tip Of Your Tongue

I need you to place the tip of your tongue on the edge of my breath. Taste me please, and know the honest beat of my heart.

To My Beloved