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With Gouging Gratitude

Her every moan fed his every roar… Their names dripped from the tip of each others tongues, which only served to fuel their fury. With nails like knives, she dug deep to the root of him and found his body trembling. With a quickened pace of his finger he asked to be taken further, and she answered him with a gouging gratitude. She held him as his legs faltered and began to buckle. There were no words needed between them… they spoke the language of each others bodies fluently.

So grateful.

Tethered and Twisted in Sickness

He’d been tethered like some broken and beaten falcon… twisted, trembling and shaking. He did not yearn to be free like the others. Her fingers, he wore like chains around his neck tightly winding each link of her sin deep into his flesh…  He had fallen fearlessly into her grasp thinking he might find something that his brother could not, and her hands were crafty and cunning and of no comfort to him. Crimson ribbons and rivulets running down his chest… She cut too deep and could not drink her fill fast enough… She was vile.. fouled and freakish. Crucified and tortured, torn in tears he could find no bottom to his anger no pleasure to replace his anguish. She took all from him and left him a helpless heaving husk… and he thanked her for it.

In Darkness… Beauty Binds

In Darkness… Beauty Binds

I could not see you… could not hear you… yet I knew you were there…. like some remnant past… a shadow in some former me. When will you come for me. Pray come find me… please lay hold to me when it is time to know me again. Recognize me… Remember

I have had to die once too often… and do not have it in me to do so one more time. May you discover me as I wake from this most recent death. My beloved will you unearth me now? I am here… I have been waiting.

I remember you in mourning shroud as I lay in your arms pierced, bleeding, and fading into darkness… your beauty bound me… our love preserved me that I might rise into some new life, and that we might find each other this one last time… a given gift and one last chance to fight once more and know victory by each others side…

Grieve me not again… Softly sorrowless come find me. I have been waiting lifetimes… please remember me if our paths should cross.

Every step and misstep lead us here to a time that was right and a place that we could never have foreseen. The most simple hello and greeting changed everything.

Upon meeting, your eyes fell upon me and rediscovered every past beat of my heart in a single moment and remembered.

My spirit exhaled, fell silent, and came to rest in the full memory of lost love reclaimed.

May we never fall away again.

How in two so pained lies the beauty of love reborn and found once more.

To My Beloved

Plunging Passed Pleasure

I want her teeth at my ribs and digging into my hips passed the point of playful nibbles. Teeth plunging passed simple pleasure on the skin covering hungry hips that are waiting to be fed… I crave those fingers and beautiful nails on my back tearing away the waste of old scars… I desire to be marked, even claimed as we would claim each other in whatever manner that lay within depths of our spirits. I do not fear blood – I fear nothing by her side… In Flesh, In Blood, In Spirit I have found her and her devilish desires do not scare me or give me pause. I have found her – she is standing across from me…. extending… reaching… receiving…. lay hold.

My Beloved… Ever Grateful



Wanton Charms Enthralled

Enslave me to your wanton charms,
Crush me in your velvet arms
And make me, make me love you.
Make me fire your blood with new desire,
And make me kiss you — lip and limb,
Till senses reel and pulses swim….

~Alfred Bryan, “Enthralled,” 1921

In Single Breath Unite

Your fingers find me fierce in a misty moonlit fire light. Blood coursing fast and hard for the other.Your eyes beckon to me and I am compelled to follow… softly whisper my name and call me yours. With a single breath I focus and fall into you… you inhale and hold me in dark stillness unwavering until our minds merge and spirits unite.

My Beloved