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The Space Between Them

There was a fire raging in the space between them. They wanted to prolong this state as long as both could stand it. His ribs rose with a sharp inhalation to meet her waiting touch and fell away just before contact. It was a moment that lingered heavy in the air. He was maddening in his self-discipline. His single-minded devotion to deny initial contact frustrated her to a point near anger. She only let this feeling fuel her anticipation.


Anchor My Flesh

You fill me with a dark sweat… it is forced out and beats firm in crimson.

I want your teeth on my cock… raking me fierce. Your mouth is savage and soothing.

Commit your every fucking sin to my flesh – and do not confess.

I desire your name emblazoned on my every thrust.

I must be in you. I need to feel you holding fast. Do not let go… cling hard to me and keep me where I belong.

Yes do not let me go… dig into me. Anchor my flesh and expose my breath… my spirit. I am yours and I am open to you.

Cum with me… Irreverent and Unholy. Let us be unclean tonight.


With Gouging Gratitude

Her every moan fed his every roar… Their names dripped from the tip of each others tongues, which only served to fuel their fury. With nails like knives, she dug deep to the root of him and found his body trembling. With a quickened pace of his finger he asked to be taken further, and she answered him with a gouging gratitude. She held him as his legs faltered and began to buckle. There were no words needed between them… they spoke the language of each others bodies fluently.

So grateful.

Finished With Friendship

She had been patient… She was burning, her heart raced… they’d played the role of friends for so long and she was done with it. She wanted to blaze a new path with him, one born of sweat and teeth and nail. The longing in his eyes only heightened this sensation in her. There they stood motionless… Then finally he managed to muster a single word, it was all that she needed to hear. “Please” Her body flushed with the precise passion of that which was forged like a diamond. Crystalline Decision… She was finished with “friendship”.

Dueling For Dominance

My Beloved… I am absolutely aching for you.

Yes… I am aching… muscles deep inside are contracting and desire to be released by your touch.

It is profound and stirring… I am feeling deeply sexual and I want to take you passionately. Kiss you powerfully and long. I want to feel you quake… As our mouths and tongues duel for dominance yet are both so willing to submit to such a teasing task as dancing and playing the beautiful game they do…

I yearn to hear my name on your lips as your muscles lay hold and cling to me in climax refusing to let me go, and I never ever want to leave.

It is so divine to be Your Man.

I love to be inside of you… my name on your lips is seduction to me. To hear it spoken in the moments of our highest passion entices me to greater love for you, My Lady.

It is my honest truth and heart My Darling… and please know that my heart is yours.

You have stolen it from me and I do not want it back… for I know it is safe in your keeping.



Hold My Breath (complete)

If it please thee, hold my breath. I will give it freely. Take it. I desire you to have it. What will you do with it now that it is yours?

Do not, I pray, return it unused. I would have it fulfill its willing purpose…

Do you have it? Is it pleasing to you to know that you hold my breath deep inside your own? Does it fill you? Can you feel me expand as you inhale deeper. Do not exhale… Please wait. No not yet. Keep me, hold me inside… Do not yet expel me

I tremble and at times find that I have over extended and run out of breath. Might you spare a bit of your own for me? I will not waste it this I promise.

And in the moment of that little death that exists between your inhale and my exhale there is a world of life… a world of life that I wish to explore at your side.

My Beloved

In Single Breath Unite

Your fingers find me fierce in a misty moonlit fire light. Blood coursing fast and hard for the other.Your eyes beckon to me and I am compelled to follow… softly whisper my name and call me yours. With a single breath I focus and fall into you… you inhale and hold me in dark stillness unwavering until our minds merge and spirits unite.

My Beloved