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In Darkness… Beauty Binds

In Darkness… Beauty Binds

I could not see you… could not hear you… yet I knew you were there…. like some remnant past… a shadow in some former me. When will you come for me. Pray come find me… please lay hold to me when it is time to know me again. Recognize me… Remember

I have had to die once too often… and do not have it in me to do so one more time. May you discover me as I wake from this most recent death. My beloved will you unearth me now? I am here… I have been waiting.

I remember you in mourning shroud as I lay in your arms pierced, bleeding, and fading into darkness… your beauty bound me… our love preserved me that I might rise into some new life, and that we might find each other this one last time… a given gift and one last chance to fight once more and know victory by each others side…

Grieve me not again… Softly sorrowless come find me. I have been waiting lifetimes… please remember me if our paths should cross.

Every step and misstep lead us here to a time that was right and a place that we could never have foreseen. The most simple hello and greeting changed everything.

Upon meeting, your eyes fell upon me and rediscovered every past beat of my heart in a single moment and remembered.

My spirit exhaled, fell silent, and came to rest in the full memory of lost love reclaimed.

May we never fall away again.

How in two so pained lies the beauty of love reborn and found once more.

To My Beloved