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In Single Breath Unite

Your fingers find me fierce in a misty moonlit fire light. Blood coursing fast and hard for the other.Your eyes beckon to me and I am compelled to follow… softly whisper my name and call me yours. With a single breath I focus and fall into you… you inhale and hold me in dark stillness unwavering until our minds merge and spirits unite.

My Beloved


It is beautiful to walk the tightrope with you. To dance, to balance, to push while you pull, and be pushed while I pull, for us both to lead and follow at once, and for us both choosing when to fall knowing there is no net with only the safety of our arms to catch each other…. Fall with me.

To My Bloved

Living Dreams

I find that “Living the Life of your Dreams” takes vigilance and diligence and laser guided focus on what is desired and required for one’s personal path…. or in other words Know your Lane and stay in it until you get to your destination. Here’s to rockin our lanes.