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The Space Between Them

There was a fire raging in the space between them. They wanted to prolong this state as long as both could stand it. His ribs rose with a sharp inhalation to meet her waiting touch and fell away just before contact. It was a moment that lingered heavy in the air. He was maddening in his self-discipline. His single-minded devotion to deny initial contact frustrated her to a point near anger. She only let this feeling fuel her anticipation.


Roadmap of Solitude


S = Silence… Silence is the beginning of the journey. Silencing the noise and voices, and Slow down the mind…

O = Observation… Be Obedient, stay still and Observe everything and watch how I will reposition your life. You will Observe and be able to Testify that you had no Mortal Hand in this repositioning!

L= admit and accept the Loss, now Listen for My voice, and finally find My Love.

I = Honoring my Impulses, Intentions, and Interests… Rediscovering my likes, dislikes, and tastes… Spiritually, Physically, Sexually

T = Tenacious… get in the Trenches, and stay there until you find what you need! Nevermind the blood! Be willing to bleed for your cause… I was. 

U = Understanding… Seek understanding of self and Seek Understanding of Me, and know that Solitude is almost by design meant to be Unsettling. Drive through its Unsettling nature to the heart of My Comfort!

D = Discipline… Don’t make rash Decisions. Find Me in everything and in every moment at all cost, and be Diligent about it! Then I will show you the Desires of your heart. Live the life of your Dreams!

E = Essence… The outcome: The Essence of one’s true and authentic self!