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Excerpt: With Fueled Fury and Fever

They escaped to a far off distant room. They could no longer hide within the shackles of self restraint, and they could not collide fast enough. Her lips clung to his and would not let go – perfectly parted with tongues glancing and dancing prying at the pleasure that had been held at bay all night. They were thirsty for one another, and their palpable passion was complete and finally unleashed. She would take every drop of his mouth and return it with her own. Her tongue was greedy and giving, lusting and lasting… and matched the hunger that she found in his lush pomegranate lips… he pillaged every ounce of her mouth and left nothing behind.

My Beloved, My Heart

O Kindle Me To Life Again

Closely lay thy lips to mine,
And let our souls and bodies join:
Let me suck thy balmy breath,
And fainting, glory in my death.
Take me dying to thy arms,
Ah me! I die with pleasing pain,
O kindle me to life again…
~William Pattison, “The Enjoyment,” 1728