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Sides of Us

There are days that I feel like some lost episode of The Waltons – Idyllic – A boy, a girl – Sharing a homemade lemonade… hand in hand on a rough hewn beam bridge… escapees from the county fair – both tired of fiddle picnics and dances of an earlier simpler time. Solace in each other’s eyes… Walking Arm in Arm… sneaking secret kisses while no one is looking. A Boy, A Girl, and a lot of Love. How beautiful – How Quaint

And then there are days that I feel like some Blackclad Savage Death Wraith, Guardian Head – Fiercely Falling for his Proud Steel Forged Revolutionary, Painted and Pierced … Sharing one witty tongue and a fire storm, lightning bound these two joined in crazed passion, and burned pure in their desire – A combined voice screaming into the darkness… A single terrible united front against any foe that might dare rise to oppose them…


Die Daily

I will watch myself die daily and be reborn unto flesh at dawn every new morning…