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Worthy Of It…

True love… or maybe better Real Love is something I find that most do not comprehend in this day and age of social media Loves, Likes, Follows, Friending, and Unfriending. Love is a click away… right? Loving someone for their Mind, Spirit, and Body goes far beyond hormones and pheromones and “chemistry”… trust me those things are quite important. Real love is a quality choice and it takes effort and work and can be very hard… its not easy to stand firm in love… to be fiercly rooted in it. But when you find that one who is worthy of it…. pour it out and wring every drop and give it to them freely to make room for the love that is being offered in return.


Tattered And Truly Treasured

Should it please you… Take your lush lips, moist mouth, and torrid tongue and claim my cock. Take the very last stroke of me. Hold nothing back from me. Give it, take it like some past deprived revenge. Have your vengence in my name. Flood me full, and overpower my passions with your own zealous desire for fulfillment.

Put your nails to the test of my flesh. Dig deep and seize me where I stand. Leave me tattered and truly treasured. Plunge your fingers over every engorged inch of me. Capture my cries and hold them as the gift they are meant to be. They are cries of divine pleasure…

Moaning and feverish, drive me toward lust, toward hunger, make me thirst for a love that only you know how to pull from me. Yes again, do not hold back from me, suppress nothing… express all. I will receive all that you have and give to you my very best.

Exhale Your Heart

I desire you… I want my chest at your back.. my mouth at your neck… my right hand sliding under your shirt as my left finds the button on those jeans and slips inside those panties and in between your lips… slick fingers pulling you toward every orgasm.

Yes… ravenously turn to face me when you can take no more, caught between me, my arms, and the counter behind you… attack my mouth… push me to the opposite wall… peel the jeans from my body and claim my cock with nail, finger, hand, lips, tongue, and mouth… take me to the ground right where we are and slide slow over me and down the length of my shaft to fill your waiting desire. giving, taking, and receiving every pouring pleasure.

Slide… slick and slow… breathe… exhale your heart into my spirit… draw me to that edge that I might not die all at once… take me there one breath, one thrust at a time… feel my muscles tightening feel me swelling inside of you… I will give it all in release if you but say my name.

For You, My Beloved