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With Gouging Gratitude

Her every moan fed his every roar… Their names dripped from the tip of each others tongues, which only served to fuel their fury. With nails like knives, she dug deep to the root of him and found his body trembling. With a quickened pace of his finger he asked to be taken further, and she answered him with a gouging gratitude. She held him as his legs faltered and began to buckle. There were no words needed between them… they spoke the language of each others bodies fluently.

So grateful.

Plunging Passed Pleasure

I want her teeth at my ribs and digging into my hips passed the point of playful nibbles. Teeth plunging passed simple pleasure on the skin covering hungry hips that are waiting to be fed… I crave those fingers and beautiful nails on my back tearing away the waste of old scars… I desire to be marked, even claimed as we would claim each other in whatever manner that lay within depths of our spirits. I do not fear blood – I fear nothing by her side… In Flesh, In Blood, In Spirit I have found her and her devilish desires do not scare me or give me pause. I have found her – she is standing across from me…. extending… reaching… receiving…. lay hold.

My Beloved… Ever Grateful