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She Reigns In Dark Beauty

She walks in beauty like the night… Fuck Byron

The Baron says…

She reigns in dark beauty, like a sprite
Give her the truth, and tell her no lies
She will take you to the ground, bind you tight
Never letting go despite your whining or cries
Do not wince and raise her devilish delight
Bring her honesty, she will see it in your eyes.

Give her everything, give her your very best
Or else she will throttle you with quickened pace
Obey her command or she will put you to the test
Give her what she asks, she might show you grace
Yield to her and you will know you are blessed
Your gift to her is absolute and of no disgrace

Put your trust in her, she will help you glow
Trust her not, and she will see you bent
Defy her, and you will feel her wrath and blow
She will see you fall, and he will see you spent
Give to her submission, she will see you grow
Treasure her, Honor her, she is Magnificent

This is My Beloved, whom I adore… do not trifle with her I implore